QA/QC Seacan Equipment Rental

  • Contains two GS4800 Industrial Mask Washers: high-volume stainless steel respirator washer, each capable of cleaning 16 full-face masks or 36 half-masks per cycle
  • Contains one GS3000 Industrial Mask Dryer: high-volume, stainless-steel, heated system capable of rapidly drying 96 full-face masks or 192 half-masks per cycle

Extra Features

  • Heavy duty washer and dryer for coveralls
  • Snap-on pallet racking (2500 lbs capacity)
  • Two hot water heaters
  • A 600 gallon portable water tank
  • A 600 gallon gray water tank
  • Tiled floor
  • Stainless steel counter and sink
  • Requires 200 amp electrical service
  • Our Quality Assurance / Quality Control Seacans are only 40 feet in length

Advantages & Efficiencies

  • Totally self-contained
  • Clean 500 masks a day, no hand washing
  • Operated with one person per shift
  • The newest and most efficient way to manage mask washing and storage

Industry Partners

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