Customized Safety Audits in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta and Nation-wide

Our health and safety auditors can customize an audit for your organization using your audit protocol or using our methodology for understanding and evaluating your Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management systems.

There are three principle approaches used to understand the HSE management systems within the context of an audit.

1. Talk to key employees:

Talk to several employees (Senior or Corporate management, line management, HSE staff, operating personnel, maintenance) to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the activities that are in place to manage compliance and to increase your sense of confidence in the information obtained.

Summarize the information obtained from each interviewee to verify a complete understanding.

2. Look at key equipment/facilities:

Perform an inspection of the facility to understand the nature of any HSE issues that may need to be managed as well as the nature and rationale of control measures (engineered, administrative and personal protection) that have been put in place.

3. Review key program documentation:

Review procedures, plans etc. that explain how the Company manages HSE obligations, how the program is designed to work, and the tools used by the facility for ensuring that the program works as designed and is effective.

Auditing programs today need to provide information on the effectiveness of the management systems, opportunities for cost reductions and continuous improvement opportunities. This is relevant to all places of work, COR & SECOR qualified or not. The methodology can be used for evaluations of all types of companies, manufacturing, construction, petroleum / oil & gas services etc. The questions would vary dependent on your organization and audit needs. Let us help you in the evaluation of your safety system in Edmonton, Calgary and other Alberta areas.

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