Health and Safety Auditors in Alberta

Health and Safety legislation is developing at a rapid pace. Our team of health and safety auditors often advise clients that penalties for non compliance range from fines and criminal charges, to enforcement action and reputation damage resulting from bad publicity. As a result the Certificate of Recognition (COR) & Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) programs and other specialized audit protocols are increasingly becoming a requirement for most workplaces.

Our auditors are experienced in conducting COR and SECOR audits and other Occupational Health & Safety services in Alberta for ACSA, AASP, ASC, CCSA, and ENFORM certifying partners, to evaluate compliance and assess effectiveness of the management system. Our auditors combine in depth knowledge of regulatory programs and management system expertise to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Let an experienced health and safety auditor advise you

Auditing programs today need to provide information on the effectiveness of the management systems, opportunities for cost reductions and continuous improvement opportunities. This is relevant to all places of work COR qualified or not. Our audits conclude with a written report acknowledging the positive elements and outlining areas for attention and recommended remedial actions.

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