Refining and Petro-chemical


Work permits and safety operations on refinery and petro-chemical sites are critical. Construction crews must understand environmental work hazards and emergency procedures in order to preserve workers well-being.

As energy demands continue and production plants are replaced, new major industrial energy construction projects begin. SafeTech Consulting Group's safety specialists maintain and support the client's Safety Management System. We provide refinery and petro-chemical industrial construction projects with competent, reliable Safety Advisors and innovative safety solutions.

Several hazards arise during the refining process of organic compounds. Fluid catalytic cracking and steam cracking require special processing techniques, equipment and procedures critical to carrying out the process, safely.

Efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance are on-going management concerns as they effect efficiency margins and supply chain demands. SafeTech has assisted countless construction contractors and global energy giants. We work with safety associations like ENFORM to make sure we understand and implement industry recommended procedures, in line with current regulatory standards and processes. 

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