Power Generation

The power generation sector is an essential service industry that uses technologies ranging from the mature steam turbine to pioneering marine current turbines. Since privatisation in 1990, the main objective of the sector has been profitability for shareholders, although issues such as health, safety, and sustainability have also become increasingly important on the corporate agenda.

As first world and developing economies continue expanding their power bases to meet increasing demand, the ripple effect can be felt here in Canada. The number of Power Industry projects is continually increasing. In developed economies, aging infrastructure and increased legislation regarding emissions and the use of renewable energy are driving capital spending.

As an industry partner, SafeWatch has assisted clients in the safe development of alternative power sources such as traditional coal fire, co-gen and wind power. SafeWatch is committed to providing only the highest quality of personnel and equipment to meet the ever growing needs within this sector. Our innovative training methods and equipment ensure that our people are always ready to meet the ever growing demands of the industry.

SafeTech has Safety Advisors who have been trained through the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).

Let us help you evaluate your health and safety system in Edmonton, Calgary, other Alberta areas and throughout Canada.

Industry Partners

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