Oil and Gas / Petroleum

The Upstream Oil and Gas industry, also known as the Exploration and Production (E&P) sector, often entails harsh working environments with workers having to cope with volatile conditions.

Pre-job Hazard Assessments, Field Level Risk Assessments, relevant and specific Safe Work Practices and Procedures, etc. and lastly, personal protective equipment, are a few of the legislative requirements every company must have in place to help lower the risk of injury. A workforce that is trained in the proper identification of hazards and how to implement controls, will be more engaged and aware of their changing surroundings, which will ultimately contribute to lower injury rates.

Safety Services in Alberta & Canada

SafeTech Consulting Group provides qualified and competent Safety Advisors who can assist in facilitating new worker orientations, on-going training and on-site field safety personnel / support. Our Safety Advisors will represent your company in the field and implement key components of your Safety Management System.

Efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance are on-going management concerns as they effect efficiency margins and supply chain demands. SafeTech has assisted countless construction contractors and global energy giants. We work with safety associations like ENFORM to make sure we understand and implement industry recommended procedures, in line with current regulatory standards and processes.

SafeTech continues to work with Energy giants such as Shell and Exxon Mobile to help them improve their safety performance with proven practices and certification tools, provide training, guidance and other support to help companies adopt and apply practices to improve safety performance.

SafeTech also works with organizations within the upstream oil and gas / petroleum sector to help them gather, analyze, report and use industry safety performance data.

We are the upstream oil and gas industry's advocate and leading resource for the continuous improvement of safety performance. Our mission is to help companies achieve their safety goals by providing practices, assessment, training, support, metrics and communication.

Let us help you evaluate your health and safety services in Edmonton, Calgary, other Alberta areas and throughout Canada.

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