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Why Do A Safety Audit? You Ask, We Answer.

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Safety Auditors in Edmonton from SafeTech Consulting Group

Safety audits are not a legal requirement unless your company is mandated by certain regulations under OHSA or as part of enforcement action but there are plenty of valid reasons to hold at least one annually on a voluntary basis. Having safety auditors in Edmonton perform a safety audit for your facility can help reduce your liability, improve worker education and most importantly, highlight areas needing immediate improvement.

What Safety Auditors Really Do

People often confuse a safety audit with a safety inspection when the two are not at all the same. A safety inspection involves going over all of the physical items and the conditions under which work is performed at your workplace. Safety auditors however, evaluate not only the safety conditions at your Edmonton facility, they also measure the efficacy of your current plans, practices and methods of inspection. 

How Safety Audits Benefit You

Since safety audits are so in-depth, possible safety and regulatory deficiencies are often identified which can reduce your liability and improve worker safety. When so much of what your company does to turn profit hinges upon potentially dangerous situations, the cost of a safety audit is minimal when compared to a fatality, serious injury or best case, a fine due to infractions. 

The second portion of a safety audit that benefits your company is the opportunity for employee education. When done properly, areas in which knowledge is lacking are highlighted and unsafe practices are discovered. This chance to ensure all of your workers understand the safety requirements for their jobs and identify possible hazards before they occur saves lives.

Not Required, But A Good Idea

Although safety audits are not required by law, if a safety inspector does visit your place of work, they will likely ask to review your audits. Having completed audits, as well as all the follow-up paperwork on file, can provide a favourable impression of your company to the inspector.

At SafeTech Consulting Group, our safety auditors in Edmonton help show that you have done your due diligence to create a safer workplace and following through with recommendations will result in compliance and a safer environment for all. For more information on the benefits safety auditors can provide to your business or to schedule a safety audit, contact us today.

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