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Why Getting a COR Certification Today Can Help Your Business Tomorrow

Safetech Consulting - Monday, July 17, 2017

COR Certification

Instilling an effective health and safety program in your workplace is mandated by law, but there are also many benefits to keeping your employees safer on the job. As an employer or manager you have also heard about the "Certificate of Recognition," or COR and recognize the immediate benefits for enrolling in the program, but there are longer-term benefits as well. Let's discuss why getting a COR certification today can help your business tomorrow.

Long Term Savings

The first year after receiving your COR certification, you are entitled to a 10-percent refund on your WSB payments and five-percent each year thereafter that you remain certified. However, what many employers don't realize is there a cumulative percentage of up to 20-percent if you remain in the program long enough to acquire performance levels to qualify. A 20-percent refund of your premiums can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Improved Employee Selection

A successful business depends on quality employees who put in an honest work day for the pay they receive. Your business is also dependent on performance, which can be difficult to meet or surpass if you don't have employees who are dedicated to their jobs. Studies have shown that employers who maintain COR certification enjoy raised company profiles that attract higher-quality employees over businesses who don't certify. With the associated costs of poor hires and high employee turnovers, this is a significant benefit for Edmonton businesses.

COR Certification can Lead to Greater Opportunity

For companies that rely on contract bidding for growth, COR certification can make the difference between your bid being accepted and being passed over for another company. Since participation in COR is voluntary, your certification lets companies who consider working with you know that you take safety seriously within your business, which extends the benefits to them as well if work together. If companies can assume less risk from a business bidding on their jobs, those businesses are moved to the top of proverbial "pile."

These are just a few of the ways getting COR certification today can help your business tomorrow and beyond. Contact your safety experts of SafeTech to get started today.

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