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What unsafe behaviours cause injuries vs How do we prevent injuries?

SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd. - Monday, March 21, 2016

As a leader in health and safety services in Edmonton, Alberta, Safetech Consulting Group Ltd. is dedicated to providing top quality occupational health and safety services specific to your needs.

We understand your safety concerns and make it our business to help prevent injuries or loss in your company. We implement health and safety programs that allow you to understand the behaviours that cause injuries and then implement management strategies to prevent injuries or loss in the future.

What unsafe behaviours can cause injuries?

  • Untrained employees and staff members
  • Incorrect implementation of health and safety programs
  • Poor or ineffective management

Our injury prevention program

  1. Our process looks at the behaviours that directly influence the injury or loss and categorises these actual behaviours. Once we have identified these behaviours, it will allow the you to predict the next unsafe act. This process makes at-risk behaviours visible to management so they can take the proper action.
  2. It is management's responsibility to implement the action that needs to be taken to correct the unsafe behaviour. Our process is reliable and consistent as employed safety advisors are trained to be observant and manage the risks through the outlined procedures.
  3. After an incident or prediction of risk, a report is published so that managers, supervisors, workers and other contractors, can apply what has been learned to prevent another injury or further repetition of unsafe behaviour.

Ensuring you have a reputable health and safety program for your company is essential to running your business in a risk-free environment. We have a variety of health and safety programs to help you manage unsafe behaviours and prevent injuries in your business.

Call us for help in any of these areas of occupational health and safety programs:

  • Training
  • Custom Safety Manuals
  • Effective OH&S Management
  • Reduction of Losses
  • Safe work practices
  • Hazard Assessments

Contact us today for more information about your own health and safety advisor in Edmonton. Please visit our website to find out more about the service programs we offer.

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