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What Breathing Air Safety Equipment Rentals Does SafeTech Provide?

Safetech Consulting - Friday, December 01, 2017

As a recognized leader in occupational health and safety services, SafeTech Consulting Group provides a comprehensive selection of breathing air safety equipment rentals. In order to conduct business and complete projects safely, while staying within budget, breathing air safety equipment rental is an ideal option. SafeTech supplies every piece of equipment you might require to keep your employees safe while performing work around hazardous airborne substances.

Breathing Air Safety Equipment Rentals Alberta

Here is a partial list of our heavy duty, high tech and user-friendly breathing air safety equipment rentals for workplace safety:

  • Mobile QA/QC Seacan: Efficiency is key when renting a breathing apparatus for your work crew. Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control shipping container (seacan) provides everything needed in a self-contained configuration for simple transport over land or sea. (2 high-capacity respirator mask washers, 1 dryer.)
  • Portable Air Skid Seacan: This is a complete, portable Onsite Workshop shipping container, which will fill your air breathing gear conveniently onsite, while providing safe storage and service tools. Holds 9 air skids and includes 2-bottle refill station, providing 30 ft. storage/workshop when unloaded. Controls inventory in a small, functional space with safe, anti-slip flooring.
  • Compact Air Skids: We have improved upon the typical, but difficult to handle, 8-bottle design. This is a streamlined, 5x3 ft. custom-designed version of the standard 8-bottle air trailer. It provides full functionality in a smaller, easier to handle and transport configuration for your job site. Pack cleaning station, pressurized air compressor, full 4500 psi quick-turn air cascade equipment, fork-lifetable on all sides.
  • Easy Tow Air Trailers: Performing field work requires trailers you can tow anywhere, sometimes into challenging work-site conditions. Our trailers are smaller, lower, and simpler to tow to your project location, making any job safer, easier, and quicker.

Partner with SafeTech to Keep Your Workplace Safe

SafeTech is a full-service workplace safety consultancy with more than 20 years experience. We’re ready to help you keep your most important asset, your people, safe while working.

To learn more about breathing air safety equipment rentals in the Edmonton, Alberta area, contact the experts at SafeTech Consulting Group. If you don't see the equipment you require in the above list, please contact us for further information. If you're not certain which equipment will suit your team best, we can assist you. For easy to use and transport breathing air safety equipment rental, contact SafeTech today.

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