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Understanding Air Trailers and other Breathing Air Safety Equipment Rentals

Safetech Consulting - Thursday, March 01, 2018

When the need arises for breathing air safety equipment rentals, you may find yourself unsure as to where to start. You could be wondering how to maximize your time and budget without sacrificing quality. When considering your choices for different breathing air safety equipment rentals, remember that SafeTech provides several different options to help you feel confident and at ease with our equipment.

QA/QC Seacan

SafeTech's QA/QC seacan equipment provides everything you need for your breathing air safety equipment rentals in a 40-foot seacan that is easily shipped. Requiring only one person per shift, it eliminates tedious hand-washing while still cleaning up to 500 masks per day. It features snap-on pallet racking (up to 2500 pounds) and requires only 200 amps of electricity to run. Each seacan comes equipped with tiled floors, a stainless-steel counter and sink, two GS4800 stainless-steel industrial mask washers, a pair of heavy-duty coverall washers and dryers, one each of a 600-gallon portable water tank and grey water tank, and two water heaters.

Air Skid Seacan

SafeTech delivers a self-contained onsite workshop with its air skid seacan equipment. With the ability to carry up to 9 air skids (the equivalent of 9 conventional air trailers), these breathing air safety equipment rentals arrive with a 2-bottle Irwin refill station and compressor, so you don't have to go offsite for your refills. Expanding a full 30 feet, it reduces costs by 50% versus conventional mobilization and de-mobilization. Each comes with anti-slip flooring, fold-down shelving and hose hangers, and a work bench all in one small, self-contained space.

Air Skid

SafeTech's small-scale, powder-coated air skids are compact at just 64x32x66 inches. Easily placed with a forklift or crane, these breathing air safety equipment rentals hold two 300-foot breathing airline spools and 8x4500 psi cascade cylinders. Its control panel is easy to operate at any skill level, and it fits into smaller spaces with just a minimum rig-in, making it perfect item for for your blinding and tank cleaning crews.

Air Trailers

For those jobs that need comprehensive breathing air safety equipment rentals, SafeTech provides low-profile, easy to operate air trailers. With 8x4500 psi cascade cylinders and a 10,000 psi refill line, each comes with two 5,000 psi Praxair regulators and a low alarm bell. A lightweight windsock and a 15-lb. fire extinguisher, plus 2 SCBAs, 6 SABAS, and 6 100-ft 1/4" breathing air lines, each air trailer also comes equipped with 3 100-ft 3/8" supply lines and 2 breathing air manifolds with 8 work line ports.

Find out what rental will work for you and let us know! For superior quality and dependability for all your breathing air safety equipment rentals, contact SafeTech today!

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