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The Importance of Field Level Risk Assessments

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Field Level Risk Assessments from SafeTech Consulting Group

With the nature of work done across Alberta, there are a lot of accidents that lead to injury and in some cases even loss of life. To try to reduce such incidents, many employers are taking part in programs to make their work sites safer, which is making a difference but workers can also help improve health and safety by performing field level risk assessments before beginning work in Edmonton.

Field Level Risk Assessments Save Lives

Performed by individual workers and crews, field level risk assessments are performed at work sites before starting work and during operation. Rather than relying only on safety information supplied, field level risk assessment allows workers to physically inspect the job site once construction or other activity has already begun. Workers combine supplied information with their own observations, including any hazards they identify on the site. In doing so, potential hazards are often found that were not considered or mentioned the original health and safety plans and then steps can be taken to eliminate risk. Many lives are saved each day at Edmonton work sites because to field level risk assessments that are performed.

When Should Field Level Risk Assessments Be Completed?

To get the most out of a field level risk assessment and to reduce the occurrences of accidents leading to injury or work stoppage, your workers should be encouraged to perform them when the following occur:

  • When new workers come onto your site
  • Before your workers begin work at a new site
  • If changes are made to the scope of work or how the work is to be performed
  • Whenever conditions in the place of work change due to weather, tool availability and other factors

As an employer, you may feel field level risk assessments are not necessary for your Edmonton facility if you have a comprehensive health and safety management system in place. Although these assessments are an extra step and take a little time, the fact remains that they save lives, minimize down time and can improve production. Even the best of plans have to be modified or added to once work has actually begun. 

At SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd., we have knowledgeable staff who have years of experience in the occupational health and safety industry. If you're considering whether or not you need field level risk assessments to be integrated into your worksite, contact us today.

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