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The Five Fundamentals of Effective Health & Safety Programs

Safetech Consulting - Friday, September 01, 2017

Health & Safety programs

Trying to wade through government legislation that outlines what is required for employees to meet strident occupational health and laws can be daunting. There are more than 20 individual elements that must be addressed to ensure you have a comprehensive plan in place however, to make it easier to digest, these elements can be grouped under five main categories. Here are the five fundamentals of effective health & safety programs for your Edmonton workplace:

1. Health and Safety Responsibility

Before you can design an appropriate program, you must identify what your responsibilities are as a business owner or manager and what systems are currently in place. This is also the stage where you will find out if your employees are aware of their legal responsibilities and whether or not action is taken when safety procedures are not followed.

2. Management Commitment

Effective health & safety programs require a commitment from managers. This involves communication and reinforcement of company policies as well as supporting a healthy and safe environment for your employees.

3. Employee Involvement

During this phase you will outline how to get your employees to buy into an effective health & safety program. Topics of importance for employee involvement include training to be sure they know what is expected of them, encouraging active participation in safer working practices and enforcement tactics if rules are broken.

4. Hazard and Risk Management

This is an area of health & safety programs that usually doesn't get enough attention. You must clearly identify possible health and safety issues in your specific environment in order to know how to prepare. Once they are all identified, controls must be put in place. There also has to be a clear method for reporting accidents or injuries, investigations to determine cause and regular inspections to ensure no new issues arise without your knowledge.

5. Education for Effective Health & Safety Programs

Knowledge is power and where health & safety programs are concerned, an investment into your employees will come back to you ten-fold. Identify what education is required, who will receive it and how the success will be measured.

SafeTech experts develop customized health & safety programs based on these five fundamentals designed not only to meet all legal obligations, but to ensure a safer, healthier environment for all. Your rewards are cost savings, fewer accidents or injuries, increased morale and improved production. Speak to one of our safety consultants today to learn more!

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