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Putting COR at the Core of Health and Safety

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, November 08, 2016

COR Audits in Alberta from SafeTech Consulting Group

As an employer in Alberta, you have the option to participate in a program that helps reduce workplace accidents and can also save you money. As part of the Worker's Compensation Board's Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) Program, committing to a safer workplace benefits all involved. Qualifying for participation in this program in Alberta requires COR audits.

Alberta COR Audits

A certificate of recognition or COR is issued once a successful audit of your health and safety plan has been performed by a certified partner. A successfully implemented health and safety management plan must include the following:

  • Leadership from management and commitment by the organization
  • Identification and evaluation of all hazards
  • Control for hazards
  • Ensuring employees receive orientation and any certifications required
  • Inspection of the workplace
  • An emergency response plan
  • Method in place for incident investigation
  • Administration of the program

Once all of these elements have been enacted in your Alberta workplace, COR audits can begin. As your certifying partner, our auditors at SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd. can perform your audit and work with you to ensure you receive your COR.

Benefits of Obtaining Your COR

The most important benefit of COR audits for your Alberta company are the improved safety conditions for your workers and a reduction in accidents. When a proper evaluation of your health and safety management system is performed, any weaknesses that may lead to incidents or interruptions are identified, which leads to increased savings overall. As a component of the PIR program, your company also qualifies for a rebate in Worker's Compensation premiums once your COR is issued. Finally, the implementation of a comprehensive health and safety management system and COR audits helps to improve employee morale. When your workers feel that you care about them as people, they tend to work harder and participate more in working safely.

By getting a COR audit done on your workplace can take steps towards safer conditions for your employees and reduce the risks of workplace accidents. At SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd., we understand the importance of not only COR audits for your Alberta business, but the importance of safety in the workplace. Contact us today to find out how a COR audit can benefit you and your employees.

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