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Successful Occupational Health & Safety Programs Happen with Health and Safety Staffing

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Health and Safety Staffing from SafeTech Consulting Group

Occupational health and safety (OHS) programs are implemented to protect the people and environment that are affected by your company as well as to ensure compliance with all of the laws that pertain to your industry. It is not enough to merely have a program in place, however. In order for your OHS program to be successful, you must consider and utilize the appropriate health and safety staffing.

Health and Safety Staffing Have Three Areas of Focus

For effective OHS management, there are three areas of focus that involve multidisciplinary experience in law, morality and finance. The main areas of focus or objectives include:

  • Maintenance and improvement within the workplace of workers' health and ability to meet or exceed production.
  • Implementing improvements for safer and healthier working conditions.
  • Fostering a culture of safety and health among workers in your business.

While striving to meet these objectives, your health and safety staffing must also meet budget restrictions while ensuring all laws are met to avoid financial penalty or an accident that leads to lost time, injury or worse. When you consider the scope of such a position, it's easy to understand why the success of your OHS programs depends on the right staffing.

Leading by Example is Critical to OHS Program Success

Your health and safety staffing must be able to assess the company environment and work with the right professionals to ensure a comprehensive and functional OHS management system is in place. This includes all considerations in regards to OHS for your specific workplace environment that is structured and actionable if conditions aren't met by all workers and management. Not only will this protect your workers from needless or careless accidents, it helps improve production and reduces the chance if being non-compliant.

Instilling a sound management system is critical, but the position is two-fold. Any health and safety staffing must also live the culture they are fostering within the work environment. It isn't enough to put strict policies in place and expect them to be followed. Rather than an "us versus them" philosophy, an approach that shows your OHS team has a vested interest in the practices they are employing will lead to greater success.

At SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd. we can create a customized OHS program and effective solutions for your business and provide the staffing necessary to have a successful program. Contact us today for an initial consultation and for more information on how health and safety staffing are key to your OHS success.

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