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Safetech attends the 14th Annual Shutdowns Turnarounds Super Conference

SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd. - Monday, February 01, 2016

As a specialist in Occupational Health and Safety Services, Safetech Consulting Group LTD attended the 14th Annual Shutdowns Turnarounds Super Conference in Calgary in December 2015.  This great annual event brings together a professional community of Turnaround specialists from a wide range of industries in Canada.

Safetech Consulting Group LTD’s passions and expertise lie on-site field personnel and health and safety services and the turnaround and shutdown processes. Being surrounded by other experts in and around our field of work at the annual Shutdowns and Turnarounds Super Conference invited great discussions and enthusiastic speakers to share their industry knowledge with us.

Being a part of such an exciting community and sharing what works and what doesn’t work in our field of expertise leaves us at a great advantage to always be bettering our services to keep our clients happy.

The importance of Turnarounds and Shutdowns

Plant turnarounds are the most crucial events in the routine operation of your plant as it is a scheduled period of no production and the most expensive process to be implemented.

  • It prohibits the day-to-day operations of your plant and the focus is turned towards maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and repair.
  • During this time, the plant’s employees and contractor’s main objective are to prepare the plant to resume its regular operations.
  • Implemented strategic plans are put into action to speed up the process to prevent unnecessary expenses.

This is why being part of the 14th Annual Shutdowns Turnarounds Super Conference has been of great value to our company.

We can provide reliable, integrity-based health and safety personnel / support for:

  • Plant shutdown / turnaround
  • Short and long-term projects
  • Commercial construction safety management
  • Industrial construction safety management
  • Holiday relief

As a leader in the field of health and safety services, we join forces with our clients to ensure that all safety measures are taken to remove losses during turnaround and shutdowns by applying processes that result in safe and efficient personnel operational performance. 

Contact Safetech Consulting Group LTD today for more information on Turnaround Safety Services and Plant Shutdowns.

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