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Overcoming challenges to the construction industry in 2016 and beyond

SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd. - Monday, February 15, 2016

There are some very severe challenges facing the construction industry in 2016 and beyond. As experts in the Occupational Health and Safety Service Industry, turnarounds, shutdowns, on-site field personnel and health and safety services in Edmonton, Alberta, we at Safetech Consulting Group LTD are very aware of the negative effect it will have on our clients.

The decline in the price of oil in late 2014 is the catalyst for the slowing down of Alberta’s economic development in the industry. It has been forecasted that the decline will continue for three years, 2015-2017. The investment growth is expected to resume again in 2018 and be on the rise to 2024.

During this time, however, there will be a decline and impact in the following sectors

  • Job loss for the workforce in the construction industry
  • The Alberta economy dropping
  • The reduction in business spending
  • Reduction in housing and government spending

Looking into the future

Although there is an adverse impact due to the challenges facing us, there are ways overcome these challenges in the construction industry. New methods are being implemented and created to how we build, design, operate and maintain infrastructures and buildings. These new process will have a positive effect not only in the construction industry during the economic downfall but will impact all sectors in Alberta’s economic growth.

One of the steps to be taken to decrease costs is by increasing efficiency in planning and managing turnarounds through the economic downturn. This is why Safetech Consulting Group LTD remain passionate about planning and maintaining your shutdowns, turnarounds, on-site Field Safety Personnel and Health and Safety requirements in Edmonton, Alberta. We will not let you down in Occupational Health and Safety services even when our economy is being negatively affected.

With this being the forecast, we will continue to provide professional Occupational Health and Safety Services and support to our clients. We hold strong our belief that our customers come first and that health and safety are our top priority at all times.

Contact Safetech Consulting Group LTD for all your health and safety requirements and needs for 2016 and beyond.

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