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Keeping Compliant with Health & Safety

Safetech Consulting - Wednesday, November 01, 2017

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As an employer, you have an obligation to ensure that your company's health & safety staffing complies with the standards set out in the Canada Labour Code, Part II and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. Health & safety staffing legislation generally falls under the jurisdiction of provinces and territories, while the occupational health and safety (OHS) regulatory body operates under federal jurisdiction. Together, these standards and regulations play a critical role in promoting safe and healthy workspaces while preventing workplace accidents and injuries.

Health & Safety Staffing: Information, Training, and Supervision

Under Part II of the Code, employers must provide employees with the information, training, and supervision necessary to perform their jobs safely. Information and training vary across organizations, but generally employees are required to have:

  • An understanding of workplace safety policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of the safe use of workplace equipment and tools
  • Awareness of potential workplace hazards

Employers must also ensure that managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities with respect to the complaint resolution process, accident investigations and reporting, and refusals to work. Whenever possible, training sessions should be documented.

Temporary Health & Safety Staffing

In today's economic climate, many companies are opting to use temporary staff to fill in gaps during busy seasons and peak periods. While the financial benefits of hiring temporary staff can be great, there are certain regulatory obligations that employers must meet when hiring temporary employees. Once a temporary worker is granted access to your worksite, your company becomes responsible for the health and safety of that worker for the duration of their employment with you — even if the worker is registered to another company for payroll, health benefits, or workers' compensation purposes. The Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations provide clear expectations for host employers in a temporary health & safety staffing relationship.

Stay Compliant with Health & Safety Staffing

Staying compliant with health and safety labor regulations doesn't just protect your employees — it protects your business as well. Contact us for more information about out health & safety staffing services in Edmonton and throughout Canada.

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