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How Health and Safety Programs Are Important

SafeTech Consulting Group Ltd. - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Health and Safety Programs in Alberta from SafeTech Consulting Group

Working in the oil and gas industry, or any of the spin-off businesses that cater to them carries with it a certain element of danger. This is why there has been such a push towards safety awareness and programs centered around education and prevention. What is not often talked about is the importance behind health and safety programs in Alberta.

Health and Safety Programs in Alberta Prevent Losses

Whether it is a grievous injury or the worst case, a loss of life, the repercussions of accidents in the workplace reach far greater than the individual affected. Losses such as these affect the families, friends, coworkers, supervisors and associates of the person involved in the initial accident. Too often, you go through the motions of completing health and safety requirements without realizing that what you learn has to potential to affect so many lives. Even worse, if you skip any of the practices that have been put in place to reduce the risk of an accident, it is not only your life you are putting at risk.

Team Safety Instills Loyalty and Fosters Goodwill

While you may grumble at all of the requirements that must be met for a proper health and safety program for your Alberta company, these programs are enhancing the lives of workers and increasing their workplace loyalty. Healthy and safe workers care more about their jobs when the benefits include more than a paycheck, take fewer sick days and work harder as a result. This creates a win-win situation for all involved.

Education and Application

Many accidents happen because employees lack proper training, are not aware of proper procedure or are ignorant to small things that can make a huge difference. One such example is the simple act of fastening a seat belt when moving from rig to rig. While people are aware it should be done, if they are told that the oil and gas industry fatality rates due to lack of seat belt use are 8.5 times that of any other industry, they may take the thirty seconds to fasten theirs.

Education is never a wasted endeavour and properly handled health and safety programs educate workers on how to handle themselves in the event of incident, how to prevent accidents and most of all, how to protect themselves and each other under dangerous conditions. The takeaway is that by educating your employees and ensuring they understand how and why to apply what they have learned, you are positioning them to actually use their knowledge to reduce accidents.

Health and safety programs in Alberta are important for more than meeting government regulations or requirements. For help in creating a culture of health and safety in your work place, contact us at SafeTech Consulting Group.

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