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How Putting the Focus on Occupational Health & Safety Services Impact More Than Workers

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Health and Safety Services

When you are operating a business in the Edmonton area, health and safety is a major concern due to the dangerous nature of many occupations. Since many of the industries are heavily regulated, the primary focus of retaining health & safety services is on keeping your workers safe. It may surprise you to consider how putting the focus on health & safety impacts more than your workers.

Health & Safety Services Improve your Company's Reputation

Your company image is critical to your business success, especially when you work in industries that affect the environment in Edmonton and surrounding areas. With health and safety concerns being regulated as tightly as they are, your business is exposed to unions, government agencies, insurance companies and special interest groups; all of whom feel they have a voice when concerns are raised. Putting focus on health & safety services improves your company's reputation by meeting and exceeding the concerns of all involved.

OHS Proves Community Responsibility

The communities of and around Edmonton expect your company to do right by your employees. While this bring some focus of your OHS programs back to your employees, you have to recognize that the community is impacted in many ways when an injury or loss of life occurs. With proper health & safety services in place, accidents are less likely to occur and your company is taking a proactive approach to protecting workers. In turn, this affects your surrounding communities in the following ways:

  • Proves you are taking responsibility for your workers
  • Reduces costs that run to the community through health services and rehab programs
  • Less impact on quality of life for community members directly affected by accidents and injuries
  • Grieving and a sense of loss throughout the community due to loss of life is not attributed to a fault of your company

The value in fostering a strong relationship with your community is greater than any dollar amount you can place on health & safety services for your Edmonton business.

While these reasons alone prove how a focus on your occupational health and safety impacts more than you workers, there's also the consideration of reduced costs in your legal commitments and operational costs. More often than not, the improvement in production, reduced insurance premiums and reduction in retraining or rehires provides a ROI for your OHS costs.

SafeTech Consulting Group provides health & safety services to companies like yours with all of these benefits and more. Contact us for more information.

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