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How Health and Safety Advisors Fit in with Your Company

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Health & Safety Advisor

Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive health and safety program in your workplace can be a challenge. The knowledge required to ensure all aspects of legislation are covered, handling compliance issues and fostering a culture of safety within your organization are all issues that make it difficult for an owner/manager or employee to manage. Once you know how health & safety advisors fit in with your company, we think you'll agree they are an excellent solution.

Health & Safety Advisors Work Represent your Interests

While the health and safety standards for your employees are definitely a concern, you also have business interests to worry about when developing a health & safety plan. This is where advisors step in and relieve you from the stress and time consumption in learning all you need to know about the legislation surrounding your business. A professional health & safety advisor will implement an appropriate plan while keeping associated costs down as much as possible.

Advisors Improve Compliance

You do not have the time to police your workforce and inspect all equipment daily to ensure safe operation and working conditions. Conversely, even the best-trained employee will have trouble getting their peers to comply fully- especially if there are others with more seniority at the company. Health & Safety advisors who are hired on a consultant basis have greater success with compliance because their main focus is the safety of your workforce and equipment and they command a certain level of respect because they are known as experts in their field, rather than being peers of your workers.

Fostering a Culture of Safety

For your health and safety efforts to be successful, the company as a whole has to buy in to the program. As experts in their field, health & safety advisors are adept at fostering a culture of safety within your workforce. They become a cornerstone for your employees by helping with questions, becoming a figurehead that represents the importance you have placed on safety and ensuring everyone has the knowledge required to protect themselves and their coworkers. All of these factors contribute to make health and safety an inherent part of each employee's work day.

As you can see, health & safety advisors fit in with your company seamlessly, working for your best interests and the benefit of your employees; the best of two worlds. Save time, money and stress with a consultation from SafeTech to see how you can benefit.

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