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How a Health and Safety Advisor Can Help Your Safety Issues with Confined Spaces

Safetech Consulting - Thursday, February 01, 2018

Construction personnel must work in a variety of challenging conditions, and one of the most difficult may be confined space work. Confined space construction tasks are also a challenge for the employer—because your company is charged with keeping your employees as safe as possible. If your work projects involve tight spaces, our construction safety experts can help. Our health and safety advisors in Edmonton specialize in confined space safety for workers in the construction field.

What Are Confined Spaces in Construction?

Confined spaces are spaces that were not created for continuous occupancy. The spaces were not initially built for people to enter, but there happens to be enough space for workers to access, enter and perform repairs or work tasks. Confined spaces may include a(n):

  • Air duct
  • Hopper
  • Housing (equipment enclosure)
  • Manhole
  • Oil pipeline
  • Pit
  • Silo
  • Shaft
  • Storage tank or bin
  • Train tunnel
  • Vault
  • Vessel
  • And other confined spaces where completely free movement, or unplanned movement, is not possible.

Minimize Risk in Confined Space Construction with Our Health and Safety Advisors

Edmonton health and safety advisors from SafeTech take on roles that:

  • Create best practices for successful, safe construction work in any confined space.
  • Advise you on procedures to make confined space construction safer for your crew.
  • Develop confined space safety plans for your company that comply with all government Confined Space Regulations.
  • Recommend proper safety gear that allows your employees to operate with the least possible risk of harm in close quarters workspaces.
  • Conduct confined space rescue courses tailored to your location. Courses combine classroom activities with practical applications, plus quizzes and evaluations.
  • Train and coach confined space construction workers day-to-day on site. Coordinate regularly scheduled work site safety meetings.
  • Conduct inspections and incident investigation to help ensure confined space safety.
  • Provide life-saving emergency rescue services. Our SafeWatch division provides expert Technical Rescue Services for confined space construction workers. We also create specific rescue plans for confined spaces on your construction site.
  • Get Skilled On-Site Supervision with Confined Space Specialists

    Our Edmonton health and safety advisors are highly qualified to supervise safety programs for confined space construction work. To continually improve and supervise work site safety for workers in tight spaces, we assign Lead Hands and other safety experts with confined space permits.

    For more information on how to keep you and your employees safe, contact one of our health and safety advisors, today!

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