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Health & Safety Consulting in Edmonton

Safetech Consulting - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Developing a health and safety program that will effectively decrease the occurrence of injuries and illnesses in your workplace depends on many components that work interdependently. With health and safety consulting, your Edmonton business receives a comprehensive program designed specifically for your needs. During development of your program, the important things to remember involving a commitment by managers, allocating your resources effectively and employee participation at the highest levels possible.


Health and Safety Starting from the Top


When we provide our health and safety consulting services to Edmonton employers, we emphasize the importance of a commitment from management at all levels. Your employees will not a respect a program that is not actively demonstrated by their leaders. If employees see that you and other management principals are actively engaged, the more likely they will be to model their behaviour after yours. 


Training is Critical


For your employees to take interest in health and safety in the workplace and successfully follow your program, they require training. When properly educated, your workers have sound knowledge of their place in helping maintain a safer work environment, they better understand the repercussions of unsafe work practices and they become confident in making improvements. Knowledge is power and in the case of health and safety consulting, we have seen the difference proper training makes for Edmonton employers.


Adopt a Culture of Safety


Since trained workers are armed with knowledge enabling them to identify workplace hazards and conditions, as well as the safety policies and procedures your program mandates, they will need little encouragement to adopt a culture of safety in the workplace. Their acquired knowledge combined with strong representation from their leaders will greatly reduce the needless injuries and illnesses that occur due to misinformation and carelessness. When your entire workforce is committed to creating a safer work environment, the benefits are immeasurable. Some of these include but are not limited to:


  • Increased production because workers feel more valuable to your enterprise.
  • Reduced costs due to lost-time incidents, lower insurance premiums and material wastage.
  • Increased profits as safe work improves efficiencies.
  • Improved reputation within your company's community.
  • Worth mentioning but obvious is that your employees are safer and there is less chance of grievous injury or even loss of life, which can devastate not only your human resources but your company.


SafeTech has the experience in health and safety consulting to help you establish a program that maximizes all the benefits for your business and employees. For health and safety consulting in Edmonton, contact Safetech today!

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