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Ways That COR Certification Can Act as a Prevention Tool

Safetech Consulting - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

COR Certification from SafeTech Consulting Group

Taking the steps to qualify your business for COR certification is a valuable investment that can save you a significant sum of money over time through refunds under the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program. What you may not have realized however, is that there are other significant benefits to the certification that can save money, but also save lives. Perhaps the most notable is the ways COR certification can act as a prevention tool in the workplace.

The Primary Focus of COR Certification

COR certification is designed to be an auditing tool of the health and safety management system of your business. Based on regulations set forth by occupational health and safety (OHS), an audit by a certifying partner helps identify areas of weakness in your system that may lead to illness, accident and injury. Since certifying partners specialize in health and safety management, there are often contingencies that can be found that will improve upon the areas you have already identified. As a result, there is an improvement and focus on prevention.

Benefits of Prevention and COR Together

While there are obvious financial benefits to participating in the PIR program, there are further incentives when getting your business a COR certification and using it as a prevention tool. When performing your audit, our team at SafeTech Consulting Group helps you develop a system that is based on OHS regulations, but also specific to your workplace. General safety measures apply to all businesses, but it's in the details of your specific activities where measures can be taken to improve the health and safety of your workers.

During the development of your system, areas of improvement are identified. When your employees are made aware of the improvements and new practices are implemented and adopted by your company, prevention is the result. When workers feel their health and well-being are valuable to your business, they tend to work harder and smarter. With more preventative measures in place, less accidents occur which means further savings on lost time injuries, lower insurance rates and less material wastage. All of these elements contribute directly to your bottom line and improve your ROI.

When it comes to getting your business or company COR certified, not only does it show your dedication to the safety of your employees and workplace, but it also acts as a prevention tool. Contact us at SafeTech Consulting Group to learn more about how COR certification benefits your business and can help you prevent accidents in the workplace.

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